OKI launches Giving the Future Trees initiative

As a paper consumer through our printer sales OKI South Africa has launched the “Giving the Future Trees” initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the environment and our community.
This is a key element of our business here at OKI and as consumers we need to make sure we give back as much as we take from our natural resources to ensure the future of our planet.

The “Giving the Future” identity forms part of Printacom and OKI South Africa’s Corporate Social Investment responsibility. The goal of “Giving the Future” will address various categories such as; Nature, Education, Business and Animals.

As part of the Nature section of CSI goals, “Giving the Future Trees” is all about starting the TREEvolution. Through a partnership with Greenpop, a South African based NGO that is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet and each other. OKI South Africa have pledged to replace a percentage of trees our toners consume every month through paper usage.

All planted trees through this initiative receive a tree certificate with GPS coordinates of where our trees are growing. We plan to plant an entire OKI forest through this TREEvolution. Only indigenous and/or fruit trees will be planted in under-greened schools, crèches or community centres so that we can simultaneously uplift these areas whilst being environmentally conscious.

We are losing a forest area the size of New York every 48 hours which is why an initiative such as this is critically important to ensure our planets future. Every tree provides oxygen enough for 3 people and at the current rate of population growth and deforestation it’s only a matter of time when this delicate balance and eco system we live in comes crashing down.

Greg Sellars, marketing manager of Printacom, says, “We are mindful of the effect our products have on the environment and as such have initiatives such as this as a key business focus.”

For more information visit the OKI South Africa Website – Giving the Future: www.okisa.co.za/about/company-profile

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