Identify, reduce the hidden costs of you managed document solutions

Most businesses today have the necessary systems in place to keep a tight control on their overheads. However, in an increasingly competitive world, the difference between success and failure is so marginal that ensuring your business is as cost and environmentally efficient as it can be, is critical.

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OKI gets creative with new Pro Series printers

OKI has introduced a new range of commercial-standard Pro Series printers that feature unique built in digital graphic arts technology. These new graphic arts printers are based on innovative technology that challenge traditional printing processes, opening up new opportunities and on-demand revenue streams for creative businesses and print houses.

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Ground-breaking technology opens new revenue opportunities

OKI is taking printing to the next level for creative businesses and print houses with the launch of the new Pro6410 NeonColor printer and introduction of award-winning* white toner technology, to its Pro Series range of Graphic Arts printers.

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OKI raising the roof for Johannesburg Child Welfare

Joburg Child Welfare and OKI are bringing together some of South Africas’ top comedians.

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OKI launches Giving the Future Trees initiative

As a paper consumer through our printer sales OKI South Africa has launched the “Giving the Future Trees” initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the environment and our community.

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The business of not printing

OKI’s Smart Managed Documents Solutions is a fresh approach to dealing with paper overheads, gaining print efficiencies and realising actual cost savings, not just promises.

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OKI introduces the MC800 series MFP

OKI is proud to introduce our new MC800 series colour multifunction devices (MFP). Featuring standard print, copy, colour/mono scanning with scan-to capabilities and fax functionality.

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OKI announces new enterprise class MFPs

OKI is pleased to announce the launch of their new enterprise class range of A3 colour multifunction printers (MFPs).

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Reduce your printing cost with MPS

Studies have indicated that as much as 90% of organisational printing costs are invisible or uncontrolled.

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Seven reasons to employ office automation

Office automation has transformed the pattern of the working infrastructure within organisations. office automation comprises of seven key features, which are made up of the following:

* Ubiquity – office automation is now a ubiquity system, and organisations globally are eagerly employing office automation solutions due to its immense professionalism.

* Automating manual tasks – this computer-controlled system focuses specifically on automating every possible task to provide comfort while working. office automation ensures efficient results for all organisations, with less labour required.

* Lessening working-load – organisations are continuously growing, office automation ensures that the growth of the organisation is smooth, as all printing fleets effortlessly support the organisational growth. Office automation systems have superior abilities of handling increasing loads of employees joining the organisation- this is a vital feature of office automation.

* Multitasking – each organisation is made up of different departments which all perform different tasks to ensure for the success of the organisation. office automation is able to handle the different print jobs performed within an organisation. office automation’s multitasking ensures that all organisational data processing steps and entries are handled by the system alone.

* Ensured feasibility – in the 21st Century, any work lacking feasibility remains questionable and doubtful. office automation closely analyses the confirmation of feasibility of all work within an organisation. Through regularly monitoring of the input and measuring the output makes the work acceptable for all organisational managers to evaluate when necessary.

The foundations of greater effort or improvised tasks are mainly created through feasible results. Furthermore, imposing correct, standard and up to the mark acceptable decisions are of greater utility for managers to keep the smooth operational management of the organisation among competitors. Ensured feasibility is particularly essential to proceed what is being ensured by their system.

* Office environmental sustainability – this system ensures that all employees are able to work effortlessly on and with the system. Through this process, confirmation of its sustainability and adaptability within the organization’s office environment.

If the system is not popular and manageable with the workforce of the organisation, the system is on the brink of failure, and with the modern requirements of office automation systems failure deteriorates the harmony or order and tasks and leads the organisation towards sheer drawbacks.

* Scopes of competitive advantage – competitive advantage refers to the forward-moving plus-point of an organisation over other organisations. An organisation may consider reigning over other organisations when the competitive advantage amount is increased. The immense positivity offered by office automation systems allow for an increase in competitive advantage over other organisation. Office automation adds to the prosperity of organisations and earns a greater assurance in surviving amid nail-biting competition within the market.

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About Us

Printacom Technologies is the sole authorised vendor of the OKI Printing Solutions, TallyGenicom and Tally Dascom Line Printers brands of printer and printer consumables in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa including the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) region.

The company is a member of the MB Technologies Group, southern Africa’s leading black-owned IT distribution group and as such has established a solid presence in the market over the past 15 years it has been in operation. The company’s philosophy revolves around offering the latest printing technologies, at competitive prices, backed by industry-leading service and support.

The three brands represented by Printacom provide it with the ability to offer the market a complete printing solution that covers practically any need, from general office automation through to high-volume dot matrix printers and barcode printers.


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Contact Us

Tel: 011 553 2800 or 0860 111 363

Web addresses:

Physical address: 12th Avenue corner of Homestead Road, Rivonia

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Our People

Neil Rom, Managing Director

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